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GM’s DXM technology allows us to offer precise replicas of leading GM Players’ Bats. The label of the bat will be as the Player will use during the current season. Our unique Computer Aided Manufacture produces bats to the precise player profile and dimensions. Now, keen cricketers around the World can use the precise shapes used by GM’s top international stars. These Player Edition bats are genuine exact replicas of those used by GM players. At GM we've got nothing to hide and these bats are Made by England's Best in our own factory.
  • ORIGINAL LE Bat Specification with Special Selection Willow
  • Selected for grain structure and weight
  • Ben is currently using the following bat dimensions:
  • Swell depth = 65mm
  • Edge depth = 39mm
  • Weight between 2.9lb -2.11lb
  • Conforms to MCC Law 5 for Maximum Approved Bat size

Size Chart Grade Chart


  • SH



  • The finest unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow
  • Limited by willow availability
  • Bats individually tested to ensure 5 Star performance
  • Fitted with top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control
  • GM NOW! and ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard
  • Country of Manufacture: Made By England’s Best In Nottingham England


Since 1885 blending over 130 years of expertise with the love of the game. All GM DXM English Willow bats are made by our own staff in our own factory in Nottingham, England. Gunn and Moore make the finest cricket bats in the World. Pick up a GM cricket bat and you will instantly know from the balance, finish and ultra-high quality presentation that this is English Design and Craftsmanship at its very finest. Our world leading DXM process implements the findings of a 5 year research programme into bat materials and manufacturing technology. Substantial investment in research, expert advice and machinery means:

  • Superior wood conditioning improves the stability and consistency of willow pre-production
  • A new paperless design process using state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Quantum improvements to the vital pressing operation
  • Blade crafting by advanced CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) GM is Made by England’s Best